Special Services

Diagnostic Imaging: We have in-office x-ray to take standing or seated spinal radiographs. Weightbearing views provide a better representation of the functional stresses on the spine and postural causes of pain. Because of concern for radiation, we use rare earth intensifying screens which require 1/4 to 1/2 the x-rays of many medical systems. When recent films are available, we review them. We have access to a wide range of other diagnostic procedures (CT, MRI, Bone Scan, EMG, NCV) by referral.

Therapeutic Exercises/Rehab: A comprehensive approach to neck and back related conditions needs to address the supporting soft tissues, muscles and ligaments. We utilize postural exercises, spinal orthotics and traction to correct spinal misalignment. Patients often have the misconception that spinal adjustments are putting the spine into alignment. That is the concept with which chiropractic began and it was a simple explanation for the popping sounds of manual adjustments and why people got better. The reality is different. Adjustments restore normal vertebral motion which is important to healthy joints, preventing or slowing arthritis and eliminating nerve irritation. But seldom do adjustments alone restore spinal alignment. This requires changing the habit patterns of supporting spinal muscles and ligaments. For ligaments this is done with special forms of traction. For muscles this is done with posture correcting exercises. When people say their vertebrae keep "popping out" it may be because spinal motion has improved but spinal misalignment still persists. Then gravity and time acting upon the misalignment causes the vertebrae to lock up and nerves become irritated and painful.

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Consultations and Independent Chiropractic Evaluations: When other doctors or patients need a second opinion, Dr. Hurst is available for consultation. He also performs evaluations of injured workers and accident victims for the Department of Labor and Industries, self insured agencies, insurance companies, and attorneys. When needed, Dr. Hurst can also rate spinal impairment.