Custom Orthotics

Flexible Orthotics: Custom orthotics are primarily used for foot and ankle problems. However, because of the kinetic chain from foot to knee to hip to back, orthotics can help back stabilitiy. Proper arch support can reduce ankle roll and reduce stress and wear on knees in particular.

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We use flexible orthotics made from a weightbearing impression. These will provide support to all three arches of the foot. Because they are flexible they are much easier to get used to. Patients who cannot wear rigid orthotics often have no problem with these. Rigid orthotics often don't fit in a variety of shoes. Flexible ones fit in a wider variety of shoes. They can even be built to fit in narrow dress shoes, moderate heel shoes and cowboy boots. Materials can be added to reduce the shock of working on hard surfaces and protect heel spurs. Surface materials can absorb perspiration and help keep feet cool. These flexible orthotic can even be built into the foot bed of attractive sandals. Some are removable to be used in other shoes as well.